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What about the next book?

So...what everyone wants to know is the next book in The Emberjar series coming along? When will it be out? Can you give us any teasers? Who will be in it? Writing a series is a strange thing because in a way, it is like writing one extremely long and complicated book spanning many times and places with an ever shifting cast of characters. And yet, each part of the series must stand alone as a book in its own right, so the plotting becomes more complex with each new book in the series.

But I do have some small items of news for you on the Book 2 front, just to whet your appetites... When will it be out? I hope to have Book 2 available for purchase in 2020. I don't yet have a date for you, though. I am about a third of the way through my first draft, after a lot of plotting and composing story lines, and coordinating subplots and character development. When is it set?

Book 2 is set around seven years after the events detailed in Oramia took place. Where is it set? Part of this book is set in Oramia, the more familiar land of Flammeus, but we will also be exploring a new land, called Kashiq. Who will be in it? We will certainly meet most of the characters we first encountered in Flammeus, but there will also be quite a few new characters in both Oramia and Kashiq who will lend their voices to the story. There will, of course, be some twists and turns along the way... Tell us something about Kashiq... Kashiq is a land which lies to the east of Oramia, across the river which forms the border. It is a land of sandstone gorges and drifting sands, of settlements grouped around water resources. It is hot during the day and cold at night. Kashiq has groves of citrus and nut trees as well as date palms, and is also a land which is rich in metal resources... Any little clues on new characters? I don't like to give too much away on the character front... sometimes characters take on a different life than that which you planned for them! I can say that there is one character, Silene, who lives at the Court of the Queen, who is a DreamReader. She does not have the interests of the Queen at heart....

If you have any thoughts, ideas or questions, I'd love to know what you have thought might happen next...though be warned, I am very good at the *neither confirm nor deny* answer!! :-)

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