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Soora Sun Reviews

"At last the long awaited third book from Veronica Garland, in which Talla is tested with heartache, more puzzles and answers that she would rather not have known."

"I  loved the parts of this book about memories, forgetting and masking pain; just phenomenal!"

"Loved it. I read it so quickly and I couldn’t put it down ... now I want the next one!
Thanks for giving me a great read"

"Beautifully captured character development."

"Talla's intelligence and evolving emotions are increasing her understanding and appreciation of the world ... she is learning that things are not always as they appear and she must trust her instincts.."

"Veronica Garland's books are intriguing, thoughtful and well written. In this third book of The Emberjar series, we can see her answering questions which arose in the very first book, explaining more about this alternate world and, as usual, leaving us wanting to know more answers to some new questions."

"As usual, I am left questioning my own world after reading about Talla's world. "

"This was the best book in the series so far!'"

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