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Oshana is the isle where the physics, tonics and other medications are made. It is these physics which are in demand by those who rule Oramia. All of them were originally developed only for the use of the women of Soora, in relation to childbirth and childbearing. 

Osh Bark Tea

Osh Bark Tea is brewed by steeping the bark of the Osh tree in honey to make a thick, dark brown syrup. It is taken in a tea. 
Osh trees grow only in the cloudforests of Oshana, and the bark is carefully removed and each tree is labelled so that too much is not removed.
The effect of Osh Bark tea is to make it more likely that a woman will bear a child.

Soorai Berry powder

Soorai berries also grow only on the Isle of Oshana. They are a dark red berry, much loved by the birds of the forest, on whom they have no effect.
The Soorai berries are pouded to a pulp and then spread thinly and dried to a thin layer before being ground to a powder.
Soorai berry powder is used  to prevent a woman from conceiving a child, or from wanting to conceive a child. Talla realises when she sees the Soorai berry powder being prepared that the Priestesses add the powder to the coffee drunk by the Maids of the Temple.


Oblak is made from Sungold flowers, which grow only on the Isle of Soora. Overharvesting of the Sungold flowers leads to the crisis with the bees which Talla needs to resolve.

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