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The Gods Of Kashiq



Asmara is the Goddess of Creation and of entering life. She it was who made all things.  She brought forth the Gods and Goddesses to help the people of the lands.
Those under her guidance look after the Places of Prayer and are Birthmothers.



Ashkana is the Goddess of Work. She  went to live in Oramia after her relationship with Rao broke down, and founded the Temples.
Those under her guidance work on the land and produce goods from it or work with it. 



Rao is the God of learning, reading and scribing. He it was who loved Ashkana and who had the Orange of Kashiq made, and he it was who hid it.
Those under  his guidance are all those who study and learn, those who read and write and draw.



Maliq is the God of craftspeople. He is the one who inspires people to create new things from the things produced from the land.
Those under his guidance make items; they are the woodcarvers and the jewellers, the furniture makers and the stitchers. They also include the makers of food.



Soren is the Goddess of healing. She it is who people pray to for healing of pain, both physical and mental.
Those under her guidance bring relief from pain; they are the makers of physics and salves, those who nurse the wounded and those who heal the soul with song, poetry and art.



Yael is the God of Death and leaving the world. He is the counter part to Asmara and together they provide balance.

Those under his guidance include the Defenders of Yael, metalworkers and those who work with the dead and the dying.

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