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Yellow Flower

Soora is the main island out of the group of five Isles of Soora. It is the adminstrative centre, and the leader of the Rays of Soora,  (the governors of the islands), Estar, comes from the island of Soora.

The Sungold flowers beloved by the bees of Soora only grow there, and they are the only source of the Oblak physic made on the island of Oshana. All the honey used on the islands is made on the Isle of Soora, and as such, it is very important to the island economy. Talla's help and advice as a Beeguard is crucial because much of the knowledge about caring for the bees was lost when their Beeguard died unexpectedly without passing on her knowledge.

Soora is the place where the sailors tend to gather, and where visitors to the Isles find places to stay and to sample the delicious honeywine which is on offer, brewed on the Isle of Aman by the Soorabis.

If a woman of Soora wants to meet a male partner, the Isle of Soora would be where she would meet him. Men are not permitted to sleep on the Isles of Soora, so if a woman had a relationship with a visitor to the islands which she wished to continue, she would probably leave the islands and go to Safran, for example. Most male visitors to the islands come to trade over the course of a single day, and others may base themselves at Safran, on the mainland.

The sailors of Soora are the closest thing to a resident male popuation on Soora, and have developed a good relationship with the women of Soora. They assist the women in the removal of any undesirable travellers, and in transporting goods and women from island to island.

It is the sailors who are the usual partners of the Sooran women, althought they too must  not sleep on the islands but must return to their boats every night. These rules date back far into the history of Soora, from when they were first  settled by a boatload of women who were fleeing from a group of men from the mainland. Many of the sailors father children to the Sooran women. If the children are boys, they will either be apprenticed to sailors and become sailors themselves or they will leave with their mother for the mainland.

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