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The Orange of Kashiq Reviews

Orange of Kashiq 5 ebook.jpg

"I absolutely love this style of writing, you gradually get enticed into a whole new world and it is the sort of plot where you start pondering the story when you're not reading it, trying to work out what will happen next and wondering about clues and possible plot twists.."

"I loved the love story. I LOVED how we can see the manipulations of the court of Oramia, Ambar, the Queen through the eyes of Ravin, an outsider. LOVED LOVED this."

"Thank you for writing these lovely stories.  I just completed reading The Orange of Kashiq.  Now, I can hardly wait to read your next one in the series...your characters come alive on each page and it is as though you know them personally.  Details of the land and dwellings seem very real."

"Absolutely loved this book!!"

"I have been so delighted and impressed by this book. The story has just developed beautifully from the last one. I didn't know where the story would go at the end of the last book, so it has been great to put at least a few pieces of the jigsaw together. "

"I get such vivid pictures in my head of the people, the landscapes and buildings. I can almost taste and smell what is happening sometimes..."

"I’m impatient ... I want to read the next one. Don’t make us wait too long!"

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