The emberjar
book 1:

A new-born baby left on the steps of the Temple. A golden brooch. Enigmatic Priestesses. Sinister OutRiders. The BeeGift. The Angels. What threads connect them all? Who holds the power in the land of Oramia and to what end? And who will be Queen?

Talla journeys through the dusty, red landscapes of Oramia, trying to understand her new and bewildering world and find her place in it. After she leaves the Temple, her only home, for an uncertain future in the Outer, she is soon deeply entangled in an urgent search for the new Queen whose destiny seems to be closely entwined with her own. The secrets she uncovers show her how far those who hold power and those who seek power will go.

See below for news of Book 2!!

Coming soon...
book 2 of the emberjar series...

News of Book  2 will be updated here, with 
word counts every few weeks and where we are up to with the process of the next book in the series being released!
Keep checking back....

2nd Draft sent to
Beta readers!


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