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The emberjar
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Book 3 of The Emberjar

Soora Sun, Book 3 of The Emberjar...the first draft of this book is now complete!
The third book in the series continues Talla's story and is set not only in the by-now familiar lands of Oramia and Kashiq, but also on the Isles of Soora which are found off the south eastern coast of Kashiq.

Edit/rewrite complete, formatting and  proof copies requested.

book 2: The Orange of Kashiq
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The Orange of Kashiq is the second book in The Emberjar series. Seven years have passed and Talla has once more become involved in a puzzling quest, this time to seek for a honeygold orange given by Lord Rao to Ashkana as a symbol of their love. Now, many ages later, it is needed again and Talla and her companions travel to the nearby land of Kashiq in search of it. Once there, they must explore the Tower of the Wise and uncover its secrets before attempting to find the broken Orange of Kashiq

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book 1: Flammeus
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A new-born baby left on the steps of the Temple. A golden brooch. Enigmatic Priestesses. Sinister OutRiders. The BeeGift. The Angels. What threads connect them all? Who holds the power in the land of Oramia and to what end? And who will be Queen?

Talla journeys through the dusty, red landscapes of Oramia, trying to understand her new and bewildering world and find her place in it. After she leaves the Temple, her only home, for an uncertain future in the Outer, she is soon deeply entangled in an urgent search for the new Queen whose destiny seems to be closely entwined with her own. The secrets she uncovers show her how far those who hold power and those who seek power will go.

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