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Aman is the holy island of the Isles of Soora, and is where the Soorabis, those women who are dedicated to the goddess Soren, live and worship. Aman is the most southerly of the Isles of Soora and is extremely rocky and difficult to sail to. It is also the island where the honeywine is brewed...

Honeywine or mead has been made for thousands of years. It is made out of fermented honey and water, and sometimes herbs and spices.  The earliest known traces of mead were found in pottery artefacts in China, from about 7000BCE.

The Soorabis have developed their own rituals and traditions around their worship of the Goddess and of Soren. Talla observes their position for prayer and describes them sitting or kneeling with their hands clasped and then raising their arms over their heads to make a circle over their heads, and bowing their heads. When they lower their arms, they raise their heads. It must have been quite a sight to see the Soorabis with their fine embroidered sleeves like wings hanging down as they raised and lowered their arms, almost as if they were flying.

Burst of Light
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