The bees are as important in Oramia as they are in our own world, and hold a special place in the story. 
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The earliest record of human interactions with bees for honey date back around 7000 years and are depicted in Spanish cave paintings at Cueva arana, near Valencia.

People have been keeping bees in hives for thousands of years; There is evidence the ancient Egyptians kept hives as long ago as 2500 BCE. There are huge varieties in hives from wooden ones to skeps made of straws to hollowed out logs hung in trees such as those used in Oramia.

Honey is used in many cultures all over the world, not only as a delicious food source, but also in a variety of medical remedies. Honey is used in salves in Oramia, and in our own world has been used to treat burns, sore throats, acne and allergies.  It has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

The Queen Bee is created by the worker bees constructing a special Queen cell which is slightly larger than a normal cell in a honeycomb and then feeding it royal jelly beyond the normal number of days a bee grub is fed for. The Queen then becomes the only bee who can lay eggs in the hive.

Bees communicate with each other by making specific movements known as waggle dances. These movements communicate to other bees where they can find nectar-rich flowers, water or nest-site locations., who can then follow the directions . 

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