"Immerse yourself into a land where people are not exactly what they seem but they bring forth feelings of caring and concern for each other. A stimulating and riveting read that will have you yearning for the next in the series to be released. " K.S.

"I  loved the way the world unfolded." F.K.

“The story unfurls itself, introducing us to new lands, people and their way of life. It is a tale of discovery on so many different levels, a quest for knowledge and understanding..”  M.F.

"I am completely done, and undone, by Flammeus." B.A.

“Great book...a fascinating story...”  A.E.

"Just dipped in to this to 'get a flavour' and now can't put it down! Rich words full of colour and scent - what lies in wait in the outer world...? Love it!"  C.

"An amazing story gripping and transporting you right from the start. Gentle, brutal, thoughtful, reflective, absorbing, enigmatic are just a few adjectives that automatically spring to mind when describing it. It crosses genres so is difficult to categorise, so just try it. You’ll love it. Can’t wait for the next one. " J.B

"I’ve just finished this book and I’ll be recommending it to all my friends. It’s hard to categorise it and I’ve never read another book like it. It’s an incredibly compelling story and hard to put down once you get into the tale. Plenty of mystery and lots of twists." S.H.

" ... a process of reconciling perception with new knowledge ... origami-like unfolding experience. Awesome!" N.L.

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