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Kashiq is well known in Oramia as the source of delicious oranges, which do not grow in Oramia. It is also, of course, the source of the orange blossom scented oil which is used to signify the day of Aureus.

Orange Blossom oil comes from the blossoms of the regular orange tree, whereas Neroli oil comes from the blossom of the bitter orange tree. They are widely used in many perfumes nowadays, and are mainly produced in North Africa.


Oranges are a symbol of love in many cultures, and brides often wear orange blossom in their hair or in their bouquets. In Spain, the phrase 'Mi media naranja' ('my half orange') is used to mean a sweetheart or 'better half'. 


Blood Oranges are a variety of oranges which contain a chemical which turns some of their flesh dark red, hence the name. The blood orange trees require cold nights to produce the characteristic colour. Blood oranges taste slightly different to regular oranges, usually sweeter but some are tarter.

Citrus Fruit
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