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Small Island

Rengat is the easternmost island, and is the island where the Birthmothers of Soora are trained and where expectant mothers go to give birth.
It is said that, many ages ago, the first women who came to the Isles of Soora included many who were pregnant, who were escaping from a terrible event or threat. They left the mainland on boats and landed on the Isles of Soora where, protected by Soren, the Goddess of Healing, they learned how to  give women the support and protection they needed. Birthmothers from Soora are reknown for their skill, and may leave the island to travel further afield, just as Hortensia did. These Birthmothers are allowed to return to Rengat when they stop working if they wish. The wisdom and skill of these older Birthmothers provides a mine of information for the younger Birthmothers.

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