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The Tower of The Wise


The Tower of The Wise is found in Arbhoun, the largest city of Kashiq. It is situated in the centre  of the city (see map) and is the focus for learning, reading and scribing.
It is administered by the Scholars who, along with their own learning and research, are responsible for locating the scrolls which are requested by the visitors to the Tower. Only those who can read and scribe are entitled to visit and use the Tower of The Wise and before entry is granted, visitors must pass a test of their reading and scribing, as described in The Orange of Kashiq.

The Tower itself is the tallest tower, and the scrolls are all stored along and up its walls. The scholars store the scrolls by subject or by author if the author is well known, as Finzari is. Each floor of the tower has two staircases, one going up and one coming down. The ground floor  is full of scribeboards, which are similar to an easel or drawing board, at which the scholars stand to read the scrolls and scribe their own.

The Tower is surrounded by gardens in courtyards, where the scholars can escape to eat their meals or rest in the heat, or chat to one another since talking within the Tower of the Wise is discouraged. The gardens have palm trees for shade and water flowing along channels and white, clay benches. Talla and Ravin like to spend time in the gardens together. 

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