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Soora Sun

Its been a long while since I last wrote on my blog, but I have been busy writing the third book of The Emberjar series, in my defence! And now the final touches are being done, checks are being made, and all the attendant administrative things involved in self publishing are being completed. If only it was just the writing!

This third book, Soora Sun, takes Talla in an unexpected direction, as she travels to the Isles of Soora, which lay off the coast of Kashiq. While she is there, she discovers the answers to some questions she has carried with her, but, inevitably, comes away with more! This book looks at memory and loss, and whether it is better to remember or better to forget. We humans are blessed with memories which can replay past events so that we feel that they are real, even though the time and maybe the people in them are long gone. Those memories can be both pain and pleasure, and can affect our brains as if they are really happening.

You'll be meeting again with many of the old familiar characters you have got to know in previous books and meeting some new ones too. The Isles of Soora are a very interesting place, and as we learn something of their history and their beliefs, we understand their place in the machinations of the Queen's Court of Oramia, and the implications of that.

I do hope you enjoy the next book in the series and that, like Talla, you will find some of your questions answered, but also take on some new ones!

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