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How's it going?

Hello everyone! I know its been quite some time since I last wrote on my blog, for which I apologise. We have found ourselves in a strange new dystopic world, attacked by a global pandemic, and the fallout from it has been profound. I hope that you and your families are all keeping safe and well, and perhaps the world of Oramia can take you away from this one for a little while!

Since the Covid 19 pandemic and its range and severity became evident, I have been struggling to write for a number of reasons. The "new normal" has meant trying to get used to many different events and feelings and changes and it has provoked a sharp attack of writer's block. I think that this new world with its different challenges and requirements has left my mind little space in which to roam. It's as if I haven't been able to imagine or create another world while my own is being reinvented. What with having family and work and living changes to get used to, my mind has not had its customary desired space and solitude. Having other family members at home 24/7 has made it difficult for me to write and I am having to try and get used to writing in a different sort of way.

However, I have now started to get back to my writing on the second book of The Emberjar. I am behind by about three months but I hope to be able to work hard towards finishing and publishing this second book this year still. It is now becoming somewhat of a refuge away from our current world, as it should be.

A couple of teasers to whet your appetites for the next book in the series...

  • The second book is set seven years later than Flammeus...

  • It is partially set in the land of Kashiq, which neighbours Oramia on the east. It is quite a different land...

  • There could be love....

Thanks for being great readers!!!

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