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Updated: Jul 18, 2019

It's a week until my book Flammeus is published on Amazon. It feels like it has been a long journey. I have always been a voracious reader and from being quite young - around 7 or so - have always wanted to write a book. I have written ever since, but never quite had the courage to publish until now. Somehow, I have started writing books and then given up on them and on myself until now.

The Emberjar series of books came to my mind a number of years ago, and it has been slowly percolating since then. There will be seven books in total in the series and I am so excited to be presenting the world with the first one next week - and to getting back to writing the second one!

As I finish off the last little bits of planning and administration, I am left with a feeling of deep gratitude to those who have encouraged me along this journey. You have known how much I have questioned myself and my ability to write the story I want to write without compromising it and have encouraged me and filled me with strength.

I hope to keep this blog regularly updated with news of my writing and of things I am working on for the next book(s). Thank you for visiting my website, and please do let me know if there is anything

you would like me to write about in further blog posts.

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Cecelia Irvan
Cecelia Irvan
May 25, 2020

I have just finished 'Flammeus' and thoroughly enjoyed the story. I love books where I feel like I become a part of the story and can't put it down. I can't wait for book two!

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